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Why There is an increase in Chiller Van Rentals demands in Dubai during Summer
Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the use of chiller vans in Dubai goes highs during the summer season, thus the need to employ them. Intermittent water supplies due to rationing create a somewhat stressful condition while summer temperatures can easily hit 40°C (104°F) thus both, businesses and individuals look for efficient ways to cool down their perishable goods. It is however easy to comprehend why these chiller van rentals become so important especially during the summer period thus enabling an individual to make the right decisions regarding his or her business. Now let’s have a deeper look into key factors, of why there is such a high demand for chiller van for rent during the summer days in Dubai.

Next on the radar is the Heat Challenge, an event that took place in Dubai.
Summer is very hot in Dubai, and its summer tops that of many other regions in the world and is one of the hottest. The intense temperatures can pose serious risks to perishable goods, including The intense temperatures can pose serious risks to perishable goods, including:

Food Spoilage: Agric, high temperature hastens the spoilage of fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products meat and other perishable commodities, therefore making losses.
Pharmaceutical Stability: This implies that most medications and vaccines cannot withstand extreme temperatures and require proper storage conditions to work effectively and be safe to use.
Event Catering: Among the social events that require the use of this equipment are events that happen during summer since the foods sold during such events need to be kept fresh enough to avoid bacterial infection.
Why Chiller Van Rentals :

The usage of fresh fruits and vegetables increases especially during summer periods while the intake of beverages also goes up during the same period. To attend to this need, the firms use chiller vans whereby these items are transported from the suppliers to the retailers in a chilled state. Using a chiller van means that the material to be transported gets to the destination at the right temperature throughout the trip.

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